View new HTML5 virtual tours and photo-realistic 3D maps created by CampusTours

CampusTours Project Details

  • HTML5 Version Optimized for Tablets & Desktops
    The Baldwin Wallace University virtual tour and interactive map are constructed on the new CampusTours Anytour 3.0 Platform allowing for HTML5 output for tablets and desktops. Why is this important? Imagine for a moment that you are a prospective student, just beginning your college search, and you've picked up the family iPad to research colleges. At some college Web sites, the schools will attempt to force you to download an app onto your iPad to view their tour experiences - something students admit they are unlikely to do for each and every college they consider. Schools like Baldwin Wallace have experiences that play immediately for the visitor, without the need for an app download.

  • HTML5 Version Optimized for Smartphones
    CampusTours Anytour 3.0 Platform includes an HTML5 output option for small screen devices like smartphones, iTouch and other Web enabled devices with screen sizes smaller than seven inches.

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Integration for Smartphones and Tablets
    CampusTours Anytour 3.0 Platform is GPS-enabled, allowing visitors to your campus to walk the campus with GPS-equipped smartphones and tablets, and obtain content on buildings or facilities as they approach those locations.

  • Interactive Maps
    Baldwin Wallace's 'Virtual BW' features a interactive campus map, an interactive community map, and other interactive maps to help acquaint students with the BW campus and community. Interactive campus maps allow institutions to showcase their facilities making the campus accessible and fun to explore for visitors. Baldwin Wallace University may add to or update the maps, map layers and map content at any time with the CampusTours AnyTour software.

  • Content managed virtual tours
    The CampusTours AnyTour platform includes full content management capabilities allowing Baldwin Wallace University to update any piece of content in the application (including videos, photos, panoramic images, text, menu items, map artwork, map hotspots, layers and much more) at a moment's notice.

  • InteractiveVideo Technology
    Using CampusTours' content-managed InteractiveVideo technology, the Baldwin Wallace University tour videos contain cue points that allow users to pause and explore the topics discussed in the videos. Breaking videos into thematic chapters and then integrating InteractiveVideo cue points into the videos allows organizations to add depth and granularity to their presentations.

  • CommentaryInContext
    When CampusTours conducts tour focus groups, students increasingly say that they want to hear from current students about their experiences at the institutions. CampusTours CommentaryInContext allows schools to augment university videos with informal commentary snippets that expound upon the topic of the current tour section, and give prospective students a glimpse of real college life. There are more than four hundred (400) individual commentary videos in the Baldwin Wallace University virtual tour!

  • Accessibility Tags
    Accessibility tags within the content management system allow for precise tagging of all tour graphical items and content for delivery to screen-reader equipped computers.