View new HTML5 virtual tours and 3D photo-realistic campus maps created by CampusTours

CampusTours Project Details

  • Photorealistic 3D Campus Map of Alcorn State University
    The Alcorn State University Virtual Experience includes a photorealistic depiction of the Alcorn State main campus and a photorealistic depiction of the Alcorn State Natchez Campus. CampusTours artists rendered both Alcorn State University campuses using three dimensional software and then painstakingly applied accurate textures and colors to produce these stunning maps. According to CampusTours visitor surveys, photorealistic maps are considered the best campus maps available today.

  • InteractiveVideo Technology
    Using CampusTours content-managed InteractiveVideo technology, Alcorn State University developed their own videos and cue points that allow users to explore the important themes discussed in the videos. Breaking videos into shorter thematic chapters and then integrating InteractiveVideo cue points into the videos allows organizations to add depth and granularity to their presentations.

  • HTML/JavaScript Mobile Device Module
    With prospective students and parents accessing the Web site on their mobile devices, it was important for the Alcorn State University Experience to work on a wide variety of mobile devices. The CampusTours HTML/JavaScript Mobile Module seamlessly redirects iOS and Android devices to an HTML/JavaScript version of the tour experience with all of the same videos and content that is optimized for mobile devices. The HTML/JavaScript Module also provides GPS (Global Positioning System) integration for mobile devices that contain a GPS unit, allowing visitors who are on campus to obtain information on buildings as they traverse campus.

  • Active State Dynamic URLs
    When a visitor performs an action inside the tour, like opening a video, building or layer, the tour actively advances the URL in the borwser's address bar, allowing visitors to use their normal browser bookmarking capability, as well as their back and forward buttons.

  • Content Management System
    The Alcorn State University Virtual Experience is based around a robust content management system that allows instantaneous updating of any aspect of presentation content, and controls the look and behavior of many tour attributes.

  • Full Screen Map Capability
    On both the desktop and mobile versions of the Alcorn State University Virtual Experience, the map experience can be made full screen, maximizing the viewable area for visitors regardless of their screen size. Tablets, in particular, are able to take advantage of the additional screen real estate to provide an immersive campus experience.

  • Social Media Integration
    The SHARE button at the top of the Alcorn State University Virtual Experience gives visitors a quick way to share specific locations within the Experience with their friends through popular social networks and via email.

  • Session Based Traffic Tracking
    Every single visitor session is tracked and preserved in the CampusTours StatFrame Traffic Tracking System, allowing for both aggregate and granular traffic analysis.